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Hawkeye Properties and Workforce Innovation, Inc. (Hawkeye) is a non-profit organization committed to helping historically overlooked, underserved, and under-resourced populations. Since 2010, we have supported non-profit organizations and other tax-exempt charitable organizations through activities, such as providing loans at below-market rates, acquiring and managing real estate property at below-market rates, and other activities that are in support of the charitable purposes of the corporation. In an effort to be responsive to the needs of the community we serve, in 2020 we expanded our wings of service—to include workforce solutions with the development of Hawkeye’s Workforce and Career Development Department. Our primary focus is to address the skills gap by purposefully matching local employers with a prepared, trained, and skilled local workforce. Hawkeye serves as a liaison between opportunity youth with multiple barriers and businesses/employers. Hawkeye’s network provides education, training, work experience and job placement services. Hawkeye’s workforce programs empower youth participants to be engaged, contributing members of the workforce and community.


Here at Hawkeye, Our mission is to invest in local communities, securing real property that may be leased for educational purposes, and helping young people attain the skills they need to be successful in today’s workforce.


At Hawkeye, we believe that the economic progress of community and individual work best in tandem. Intentional, well-designed workforce and career development services can uplift our local communities by increasing the skill sets and earning potential of young people who might otherwise find themselves disconnected from school and or work. The acquisition of real property deepens our roots within communities and allows us to further our collective impact, leasing facilities at below market rates and with favorable terms to educational and mission-driven organizations who share our vision for a future in which young people learn to invest in themselves early, building personal and professional equity in thriving communities.


Continuous Improvement

We value passion in our leaders, employees, students and business partners. We value inclusivity in our company, the companies we work with, the institutions that make up our communities, and among the diverse population of students we serve.


We are grateful to our partners.

Thank you for your time in investing and transforming the lives in our communities. Because of you, Hawkeye, Inc. can widen its breadth even more through new programs, workshops, and outreach. You have extended not only resources but provided solutions by creating opportunities for job seekers. We couldn’t have done it without you. Thank you.

Hawkeye is such a great organization that provides quality service, and great site participants! So honored to grow and serve alongside them!”


Building a future where young people succeed.